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Travelling to capital every time


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Is there a way to make bots choose a vendor which is near them rather than flying to a capital every time? I'm aware you can specify which vendors/mailboxes to go to in a specific profile, I have also verified that the vendors and mailbox in the town I am in is recorded in the DB, but for some reason whenever my bot is full they decide to fly all the way back to Org from Tarnasis or Un'goro, or ashanvale, or in the middle of the barrens. 

Similarly on another account they would choose to manually fly all the way to another town rather than multiple ones between where they are and their destination(while knowing of vendors in each).

I've also made sure that the flight locations weren't blacklisted, the NPCs were active too. 

I'm just trying to find if there are ways to having the bot use a discovered vendor which is right by them rather than using a taxi to a different vendor, preferably without making changes to every profile that I'm switching between while leveling professions and characters

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