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Fresh Win10 + TBC = error


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2 hours ago, bilbao said:

Ok, I am using a socks5 proxy for the whole vm. Seems like wrobot does not like it. Anyone any idea?

Why would you use a socks5 proxy for the whole VM? Download proxifier inside the VM and make it run all applications.

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yea..i am using now pac rules on shadowsocks on the address, works pretty good ?

I have my own serversetup which spawn automaticcly (vms, socks via vps etc) and proxifier is not that good maintainable via scripts ^^

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On 8/28/2020 at 8:48 PM, bilbao said:

About the system:

  • fresh Win10
  • all firewalls/antivirs/... off
  • all required packages are installed
  • wrobot website is reachable from the vm (update also worked fine)

Logs are attached. I just bought it today ?

28 Aug 2020 16H45.log.html 579 B · 2 downloads image.thumb.png.71bddc6fcf38d562c90affe3ee1ffab6.png

install the proxyfier or proxycap into the virtual machine directly, then make a rule for all processes to go through your socks, or just add a rule to wow.exe

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