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Hey guys,


Sorry if this is a super noob question, but I'll try to be as detailed as I can.


I was using a PQR "bot" called Pokerotation made by CodeMyLife on the ownedcore.com forums. His bot made it pretty quick and simple to park your character, set a distance of where it scans for battle pets, and fights. I picked this up hoping that I would be able to do something similar. It works fantastic next to the legendary beast in Jade Forest, but I would prefer being able to use it in Dread Wastes since the beast there has less traffic.


When I set up my bot on the hill next to the dread waste legendary beast, it tries to run down the hill and after pets in the middle of mobs and gets itself killed. When I add that specific mob to the blacklist, it ignores half of the battle pets on the hill that I want to battle. What am I doing wrong? Should I make use of blacklist zones?


Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Yes black list the area of the mobs spawns not the mobs. Run down the hill stand were you don't want the bot to look for mobs then click black list with a radios of say 8 yards until the bots doesn't run down the hill anymore.

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you can increase the radios from 1 - 1000. But I don't see a reason for ever using 1000 radios unless your trying to blacklist an entire Zone or more.

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