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Cast Astral Communion on Astral Insight, with no Eclipse?

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Hi, I'm quite new to building fight classes and I'm using the fight class editor.


It's all going well so far but I want to know if something is possible


I was wondering if it's possible to check if Astral Insight is up and neither eclipse is up and if so to cast Astral communion.


I have tried adding Astral Communion, and then added 3 buff conditions one for each of the eclipses set to false and one for Astral Insight set to true.


I have tried both "Astral Insight" and "145138" but to no avail, i have set it as top priority to test it.


I know that the eclipe buff names are correct as they are used elsewhere in the build.


can anyone help?


I would prefer to use the fight class editor if possible but I am a programmer so I can edit the xml if needed.

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for most of the moves when the conditions arent working it is best to use the LUA Script Condition and add in a LUA Script you have found to work or a custome LUA Script. This make thing alot easier fro you in the future. There a few good referrences here on the forum and a few great site for use in making the script from scratch.


Forum URL:

<-- I use these alot in trying to make new scripts for my classes.




http://www.lua.org/manual/5.0/manual.html <-- This is an introduction to LUA Scripting, Really good to get familiar with the Scripting type.


http://www.ownedcore.com <-- this is a forum post at ownedcore. Its a crash corse in LUA Scripting.


http://www.wowwiki.com/World_of_Warcraft_API <-- Great spot to find some LUA Commands for wow.


http://wowprogramming.com/ <-- My Favorite spot to find LUA Commands.


I hope this help you out man.

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