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Are these fight classes usable in raiding?

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I want to use the 5.4 frost dk fight class but it just doesnt work for me. i've converted it and i can run it but no spells work.

Could anyone give me some info how t get it to work or if im wasting my time as I want to use this for raiding :) 

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NP TY. I'm working some LUA Scripts to put into my DK classes to make them even better so keep an eye out for an update. Right now I'm working on my Blood DK Codes. But once most of then are done I will one need to do a few Scripts for Frost and Unholy. So yeah as soon as I get them done my DK Fight classes should be set to optimum DPS. And for Blood abilities pop on Cool Down and used when health based. But the Blood Spec will take some time cause of the health monitor will take some time to figure out and build the script.

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