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[FIGHT CLASS] Stealth Problem

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Looking for a bit of help.


I'm struggling to get Stealth working properly.  When grinding yellow mobs it's fine, because the Rogue fight class settings I have created has a distance of 5 so it gets close to the mob, goes into stealth and starts attacking.  The problem I'm having is with red mobs, ones that will attack you without you attacking them first, because the rogue will try to get within 5 yds of the mob before casting stealth and then it can't because it's in combat.


I can't seem to find a way to automatically cast stealth at the end of every fight, or increase the range at which it targets a mob (and therefore casts stealth to get to it) because it only seems to target a mob when it's 5 yards away from it unlike my Paladin who seems to target mobs 50 yards away or something extreme like that anyway.


Any thoughts please?

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Yes, casting outside of combat is nice for lots of things, including druid forms. I've just been using my rogue as combat so stealth isn't really needed, but if I ran sub/ass, I'd definitely be needing this. :)

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