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Request: Wild Seahorse grinder


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Looking for a grinder that will patrol/camp an area off the SW coast of Dread Wastes killing the Wild Seahorses.


There are only a couple that spawn every 5 mins or so and one moves very fast so is impossible to catch up to without swim speed potions.  You have to catch that one going past you.


Here is some info from Wowhead: 


The slow Wild Seahorse spawns around 19.7, 90.1, and moves in a clockwise oval with the farthest east point being around 29.8, 97.4. I don't remember how long his circuit takes, but for your first kill of him, you should fly around until you find him. After that, his spawn point will be close to where you're staying (and you'll know when he will be respawning).

The fast Wild Seahorse spawns around 20.2, 95.9, and its easternmost point is around 34.2, 95.3. It only takes it 1:50 to go there and back again, so in my experience, it's better to stay at the spawn point and wait for it.


Can someone make a profile that will patrol the area then sit on the spawn point and kill these as they arrive?  They are the only mobs that drop Pattern: High Society Top Hat.



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Actually acording to Blizzard, several creatures can drop that pattern:  http://us.battle.net/wow/en/item/67541#dropCreatures=undefined&tab=dropCreatures


Also, from wowhead, a Game Master said: Greetings Mindshroud,

Thanks for submitting this ticket! I'm sorry I wasn't able to reach you directly; however, I will do my best to fully review your petition. Apologies for the length of time it has taken to get back to you.

I can understand your curiosity regarding Pattern: High Society Top Hat, this recipe is random chance world drop and you might have a chance to obtain it from any creature in the World of Warcraft.



About the profile, I think it would be impossible, since it's underwater, and their speed is very fast.



If you want the Hat itself, and not the pattern, I'd recomend you to do what I did: Get any guildless char you have and log in or make a new lvl 1. Guild invites will start to pop out every minute. Join a guild, use the rooster tab for professions, and check if any tailors in that guild make it. If they do add their name and wait they log in, if there are none, move on to the next guild. Took me a couple hours, but I found it.

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I was wondering if underwater would be an issue.  As far as the "other" drops, those are rare world boss spawns that you really can't camp.  Plus the drop chance is pretty low on them so going after bosses for the pattern isn't feasible.


Oh well, guess I'll have to do this the hard way.  I'm after the pattern not the hat itself.  I'll offer some big gold on my server and see if someone is nuts enough to camp these seahorses for me.  :)

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