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is it possible to do daily transmutes in wotlk with the bot? I tried activating macro in options and ran milling and prospecting but the bot stops immediately after starting because i dont have prospecting on that char nor milling. So i tried using quester but to run a something he needs lua code. 


Is there a way to configure the bot in a way that he makes the daily transmute? i have a macro for this but want the bot to login every 20 hours to do it. Nothing else just that. 


Thanks in advance for your answeres.

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found the solution, its quite simple but ty. im sure lua is awesome but i wont need it.

Thank you for your comment, which didnt help me at all. Its just some words which didnt change anything, it just wasted my time reading it.
I know its possible thats whyi asked! Next time dont bother answering unless u have something to contribute

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