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Holy Power

Bear T.O.E.

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Ok check this out... I haven't tested it but I think shit will cause Inquisition to fire if its buff is ( Not there = 0 ) and or at full power 5 stacks.


name, rank, icon, count, debuffType, duration, expirationTime, unitCaster, spellId = UnitBuff("player","SPELL_POWER_HOLY_POWER = 5");
GetTime(Inquisition = "0, 30"); if (Inquisition <= 30) then retV = "1";else retV = "0";end


If not please fix and tell me why this wont work.


Also if the small code doesn't work then what about this one.


if (GetUnitSpeed("player") == 0) and not (UnitCastingInfo("player")) and not (UnitChannelInfo("player")) and not (UnitAffectingCombat("player")) and not (IsMounted())  and not (IsFlying())  and not (IsFalling())  and not (IsResting())  and not (UnitIsAFK("player")) then
    local timeLeftToCastAgain = 30*120;
--[[             Inquisition ]]
    local idspell={84936}
    for i=1,#idspell do
        local spellname=GetSpellInfo(idspell)
        for spellIndex=1,4 do
            local havespell, spellName, startTime, duration = GetspellInfo(spellIndex);
            if (havespell and spellname == spellName) then
                local timeLeft = startTime+duration-GetTime();
                if (timeLeft < timeLeftToCastAgain);
                minModifier = GetSpellBonusDamage(2) then
                    if (IsUsableSpell(spellname)) then
                        local start, duration, enable = GetSpellCooldown(spellname)
                        if (duration==30) then


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