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[1.12] Not sure how this is supposed to work


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im not sure how to use the battlegrounder and its profiles.

I just want my bot to queue up for wsg and zerg, but its not moving or attacking at all.

Am i blind or is the section to select a profile missing here? I created a new profile but the bot doesnt move. I edited the existing [H] wsg.xml (that was completly empty) but bot still does nothing. I disabled every plugin/ingame addon.

In the log i can see that the bot try to follow a player, but he doesnt follow ("14:55:29 - [BG] Follow player x")

When there is a fight near it says

14:50:35 - [Fight] Player Attacked by Miryla (lvl 39)
[D] 14:50:37 - [Fight] BlackList Miryla during 60 sec


Attached whole log to this post

2 Okt 2023 14H44.log.html

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