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Fisherbot crashes Game


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So every other bot works great. When I run fisherbot, it just crashes wow.exe right after it casts. I've ran through the list of things to do, reinstall WRobot, close teamviewer, close geforce experience, reformatted my hard drive, moved it to a new machine, created a virtual machine, it always crashes fisherbot.  Last few lines of the log are of Wholesome inventory manager. Should I disable that?
[D] 06:57:38 - [Mount] No aquatic mount selected.
[D] 06:57:38 - [Mount] No flying mount selected.
06:57:38 - [Fisher] Started
[D] 06:57:38 - [Spell] Fishing (Id found: 7732, Name found: Fishing, NameInGame found: Fishing, Know = True, IsSpellUsable = True)
[F] 06:57:38 - [Spell] Cast Fishing (Fishing)
06:57:38 - [Wholesome Inventory Manager]: Your version is up to date (3.0.8642.38336 / 3.0.8642.38336)
06:57:38 - [Wholesome Inventory Manager]: Launching version 3.0.8642.38336 on client WOTLK
[D] 06:57:39 - [Spell] Dual Wield (Id found: 674, Name found: Dual Wield, NameInGame found: Dual Wield, Know = True, IsSpellUsable = True)
[D] 06:57:39 - [Wholesome Inventory Manager]: Adjusting Strong Fishing Pole DPS (5.666667) to 0.2833333
[D] 06:57:39 - [Wholesome Inventory Manager]: Adjusting Skinning Knife DPS (1.25) to 0.0625
[D] 06:57:39 - [Wholesome Inventory Manager]: Adjusting Midnight Axe DPS (22.96296) to 1.148148

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