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Issues with fights while gathering

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I am basically only using the gathering routine, but when it gets into combat there are a number of things I notice and dont know how to change.  I have been using the bot on trial basis for couple weeks now, and just today purchased it


I am a fury warrior with bloodthirst and impending victory, but it doesnt use those spells to heal so I die A LOT unless I am actively intervening every fight.  is there a way to make it use abilities and talents?


as of yesterday, it just keeps spinning around in combat.. almost as if half of it is trying to run away and the other half turns to fight so the screen is constantly spinning and I cannot understand why this is suddenly happening

--also after combat it just runs and keeps auto running until I manually change its direction, then it continues normally.


also, it keeps running to nodes that have many mobs around it.. and then dies...


All these problems started after an update in the past day or 2.. please advise.


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