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Second acc question


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Hi guys, i'm considering buying this bot and i'd like to have some little clarification in order to bot safely :

- Let's say i have two accounts, account 2 sends whatever he farmed to account 1 and account sells it transformed, can account 1 be banned if account 2 is banned ? (Account 1 will not be on the same IP)

- If not, can i invite account 2 with account 1 to get the bonus mont ?

Thank you guys for your time, have a nice day


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On 30/12/2015 at 7:46 PM, RoosterX said:

Yes account 1 can be banned and/or stripped of all gold and items .

A much better way is to acquire a guild bank and have some active guildies thisis far the safest way.

Hi, thanks for your answer,

I don't quite understand how a guild bank can help, if there's acc2 putting a load of stuff and acc1 retiring them on a regular basis, isn't this the same as just mailing them ?

Or do i need to build a real guild with 100/200 people to fill ?

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