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Partymode in Arena


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How can I use this code to fear him instead?  


Ok, my bot is fighting with arena-opponent 1 in "party" mode.

arena-opponent 2 wants to cast something. My bot should fear arena-opponent 2 in this case. But not switching target completely.

Would this also works for detecting some buffs of an arena-opponent?


And another question:

How can I command the bot (in party-mode) to switch target, when his target is in CC, or in some invulnerable mode?

I want to heal, so my own target is not always the right one for the bot.

I thought to write a phrase in chat, this command signals a lua-code in his fight-class to switch the target.

If this is a realizable option with a phrase, I also would need a command to get the bot out of fight and get back to me.

I reget, I do not know anything about lua codes...

And I know that my English is very poor. Sry :(

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