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will of the forsaken

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Ok so I have been making a priest fightclass as I level. I am getting in to wailing caverns now and i want to make it so my priest will cast will of the forsaken when he gets debuffed with sleep. I have tried using the buff condition but it doesnt work. I have searched around and I havent found anything. I am not familiar with lua or coding really. any help would be appreciated.

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Look for the name of the Debuff you get.

As spell condition of "Will of the Forsaken" you set "Buff". 

In the Buff-condition you write into the first field the name of the Debuff you get and the Drop-Down-Menu you set to true.


Remember: If you have learned the skill just yet, during WRobot was active or even injected, you have to restart WRobot, so he recognize the skill.


I hope, i could help :)


Edit: You can change this all easy in the FightClassEditor :)

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Forgot to mention FightClassEditor
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Yeah I just figured it out. I swear I thought the name of the debuff was just Sleep... but it infact is "Druid's Slumber" sooo now that I have that set correctly, it is working

edit: so i just paid attention on a pull and they cast druids slumber or sleep.. so i just set a new will of the forsaken spell with buff and sleep as the name of the buff and set it to true. not sure if thats how you do that but ill test it now. 

edit edit: it is all working now. thanks!

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