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  1. just have it drink after fights... fights shouldnt be lasting long enough where casting seal of wisdom will make a difference. if you are having mana problems then try only using SoC with no judgement. if you keep chain pulling because of runners, try a different spot or use the seal of judgement options. I wont be updating this FC anymore due to the fact i no longer have a paladin. i think this is in a good spot to stop for me. this wasnt meant to be used in a raid or groups, mostly just solo grinding. so for that purpose, i think its really good.
  2. the biggest problem with mining is the way wrobot approaches the nodes. its a dead give away. i stopped mining and herbing because of it. i think the GMs on warmane rely on reports, then they flag you to be checked and will do it next time you log on. had a friend who got his bot whispered to, he logged the bot off for about a week, then logged on and started botting again and was banned in 20 mins of his log on. the theory if u donate you wont get banned isnt true. that ban was of a paid account.
  3. Judge crusader then use seal of righteousness? Seems easy enough. Uploaded new FC. enjoy.
  4. If you just learned blessing of might while wrobot is running, you will need to shut down wrobot and reopen it for it to see new spells. thats only thing i can think of why it wouldnt work.
  5. bumping because lua script condition isnt working for me either
  6. the problem is the item id for 5350 is rank 1 conjured water. https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?item=5350 the spell 29975 is rank 8 conjured water https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?spell=29975 the correct spell id is 5504 for rank 1 conjured water https://tbc-twinhead.twinstar.cz/?spell=5504 The below snippet of code will work for rank 1 conjured water. local count = GetItemCount(5350); if (count <= 1) { local name = GetSpellInfo(5504); RunMacroText("/cast " .. name) } after repeated attempts I couldnt get this code to work either. i ended up using the code
  7. Version 1.5


    This FC comes with options, these have to be set first to use the FC. check the attached picture if you need to know where to click. its the cog next to Fight Class field in the general settings. The options are as follows: You can choose what blessing to buff, for yourself, and for party members. You can choose what aura you will use. There is an option for lay on hands @ >12% hp. You can choose between Seal of Command or Seal of Justice. When you choose Seal of Justice (the bot will judge so mobs don't flee in fear), for what it does after that, you can pi
  8. Version 1.0.0


    This version intended for levels 1-26. I use this with the Party function in wrobot and I set the tank as the person to be followed at around 30-40 yds. I made this priest fight class to follow me around in quests and dungeons and keep me alive. i tank with zero problems as long as i'm not taking unrealistic damage. it casts Fort to whoever's in the group when the bot starts along with Inner Fire. It will cast lesser heal or heal, based on how much mana you have. < 50% mana it casts lesser heal. > 50% mana and it will cast heal. either triggers when HP reaches below 65%
    Great profile for my dungeon group. holy crap i picked the wrong one again LOL
    I have been using this for a dungeon group. its great. thanks! woops meant this review for the ret paladin fightclass...
  9. so i did what the directions said and put it in the plugin folder and it shows up in wrobot and its all default settings... shouldnt it work in party chat? do you have to set what channel its supposed to be in? ((int)msg.Channel == 49 || msg.Channel == ChatTypeId.PARTY)) this is in Party chat commands.cs I notice if i say it in party chat on one of the bots it works, but if i say it on my non bot wow it doesnt work. I have 4 bots making a dungeon grp with me and I'd like to be able to tell them to stop or pause while i go pull but if i have to switch over to a bot w
  10. This is also not working for me on 3.3.5a. i tried the 2 custom commands and the gohome, stay, etc and nothing works at all. would be great if this did.
  11. I have been looking around for a guide or a hint on a way for my priest to dispel any magic off of people in a party, but i cant seem to find anything. i understand how to dispel 1 debuff specifically, but it would be way easier to just be able to dispel any magic debuff without having to make a gazillion conditions. I imagine there is a lua solution but not sure where to find that at. also would like to be able to know how to spellsteal as a mage or purge as a shaman too. any help or a point in the right direction would be great..
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