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  1. Having the same issue since today ..
  2. Website look to have some troubles too, sometimes pages don't load or are very slow, as the bot .. Hope its not a DDOS !
  3. Uhu, i'am always botting several account at the same time :'( ( but i did tried with only 1 process open, same .. ) I noticed that recently, when i open multiple wow, all other start lagging as hell .. Am i the only one ? (hope its not ISboxer who fucked up my config . )
  4. Same issue, will update my logs soon :)
  5. Hey ! Since few days, my bot keep spamming afk randomly, sometimes 5 times in a row .. ( & instant away afk mode) Tried on several profiles and fightclass, still doing it .. Any clues ? Thanks in advance :D
  6. Lord

    WoW Classic

    The banhammer will hit, just after the release of the expension, as usual. But after that, blizzard will as usual close eyes on 2/3 of people botting. (i'am botting with between 2 to 20 bot since legion, 0 ban unless the banwave)
  7. Lord

    WoW Classic

    I'll be playing, and probably botting on it as soon as it will be possible ! Having the possibility to bot on it could be great, because of the time invest it needs
  8. Lord

    Bot Broken ?

    Fixed by reinstalling x)
  9. Since last update, here is what i have :(
  10. Lord

    Huge freeze

    So apparently its coming from wow application .. when i start a 2nd session, this one start to freeze and all my actions look delayed of 0.5 sec .. ( sometimes my character start doing my actions 3 / 5 sec after .. ). Its not a lag, its not coming from the computer performance .. Virus ?
  11. I'am never checking that :( wp
  12. Hello ! Since today, i have huge freeze when i launch 2 or + bots on my computer .. The computer himself can handle more than 8 accounts usually, and now when i start a second session ( Vanilla ), my all computer go freezing .. My firewall did catch Wrobot after update last day, may it come from here ? Reinstalling wrobot could resolve this ? Or maybe its not at all wrobot .. ( i checked my performance, all around 30% CPU 30% memory 1% HDD ... The freeze appear randomly when i have a wow window open, make my mouse unable to move for 1 sec when it happens .. and in overall, the game looke slow, with i'd say 30 40 FPS maximum .. Any people experimented the same thing ? EDIT : look to happen only on Vanilla server ( Elysium ) & only on one character .. x)
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