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    Lord reacted to Droidz in Bot spamming AFK   
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    Lord reacted to Droidz in Update Status - Patch 7.3.0 Build 24931   
    Update done
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    Lord reacted to loves2spooge in Wrobot is outdated; Can't update   
    "Because it is being used by another process." Try restarting the computer and try again. Please report back if you still are experiencing issues. 
    ROUGH French translation: 
    Parce qu'il est utilisé par un autre processus. Essayez de redémarrer l'ordinateur et réessayez. S'il vous plaît rapport si vous rencontrez toujours des problèmes.
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    Lord reacted to Droidz in Buffing NPC   
    try c# condition
    wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Target.Type == wManager.Wow.Enums.WoWObjectType.Player or 
    (!wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Target.IsValid || wManager.Wow.ObjectManager.ObjectManager.Target.IsLocalPlayer)  
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    Lord reacted to iMod in AOE Heal spell condition   
    Spell(ID) not Spell("ID")
    You need to read the type the constructor of the class wants.

    And spaces are not allowed in variable names
    _lightOfTuure = new Spell("Light of T'uure"); OR _lightOfTuure = new Spell(208065); Btw please don't mix the variable style ;) if you start with _justStartWithASmallLetter;
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    Lord reacted to Droidz in Mage conjuring too many water   
    How to add spell from another fightclass to your fightclass: http://wrobot.eu/forums/topic/5033-how-to-add-easily-spell-from-another-fightclass-to-your-fightclass/
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    Lord got a reaction from eeny in (Bug) Resurecting instant with timer om   
    Its a bug from Elyisum i think.
    On a NON bot account, i died at my first time on a pack of trash. Then when i come back, they was a timer. I just clicked no matter the timer, & i was alive. Conclusion, Elysium issue :D
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    Lord reacted to Droidz in Banwave... Update   
    I have found detection method and protect WRobot for bypass this. WRobot is currently  'safe' to use.
    Please update WRobot (use WRobot version => 1.7.0) (if you have used or use yet WRobot version 1.6.*, your Wow account will be probably ban in the next banwave).
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    Lord reacted to Svennebanan in Private starlight rose profile   
    I'm looking for a private starlight rose profile. The ones out there right now are good profiles but they have stuff that can be improved (especially after blizzard added more mobs). Is there someone sitting on a really smooth starlight rose profile that one would like to sell? Pm me 
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    Lord reacted to Fistweaver in Opening   
    Opening = The start of the fight, usually where you pop cooldowns and pre-pots etc. The part you get the most deeps out!
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    Lord reacted to Droidz in Update Status - Patch 7.0.3 Build 22498   
    WRobot support now Wow 7.0.3 build 22498, you need to update WRobot.
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    Lord reacted to Droidz in Update Status - Patch 7.0.3 Build 22498   
    I just start to work on this patch
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    Lord got a reaction from BetterSister in Product+seems+very+promising!+Have+questions!   
    To take BetterSister defense, alot of user are coming here & wait for a 1button-bot. 

    So it may be a little hard, but its a reality that people have to know before using Wrobot !
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    Lord reacted to eeny in Getting started with WRobot video   
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    Lord reacted to neah in Refund please..   
    People who have bought Wrobot do not bot for profit I believe. If You're like me that uses the bot for short periods at a time and actually play the game manually or make Your own rotation to be automated it's awesome. If You are actually suicide botting for profit (cold hard ca$h, HB is the leader, hands down. I also prefer the community to be small with great people around that can help one another etc. Droidz is always around for his customers, he doesn't just sell You a product and that's it. Props to him!
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    Lord reacted to Runaro in Bot on alt account question   
    You only need the same last name on a account, to transfer characters between the accounts.
    Mounts, achievements etc. are bnet account bound and can't get transferred to a different bnet account. ( i've already called blizzard about that, no way.. )
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    Lord got a reaction from Droidz in Bot attacking dead npc   
    Here is the text you ask : 

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    Lord reacted to Zan in Condition : Other spell ready   
    Condition for XXX, Is Spell Usable = YYY, True
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    Lord reacted to Droidz in WRobot not working with WoW 7.0.3 (22423)   
    Hello, I work on it
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    Lord reacted to KevinVapes in WRobot not working with WoW 7.0.3 (22423)   
    Just came home from my workout, relogger unable to start or end the game. Only pop up from WoW with need to close the game new version update. I can login with Wrobot and press play but nothing happens. As i see droidz is already on it, gotta love this guy! <3
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