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  1. He just did charge back the money, so beware of this guy.
  2. Runaro

    Corpse underwater

    The bot can't get his corpse underwater, because the bot only walks on top of the water, instead of getting inside. ( Tested on 1.12.1, 2.4.3 and 3.3.5a, with and without lua movement ) He stumbles around on the surface of the water and can't reach his corpse. Here's a demonstration video:
  3. This problem still occurs, would appreciate a solution @Droidz
  4. If you want to target and interact with a NPC and then also click some Buttons in the opened frame, then it's important to use sleeps between the commands. Example in the QuestSorted: <QuestsSorted Action="RunLuaCode" NameClass="InteractUnit(&quot;Lillith's Dinner Table&quot;)" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Wait" NameClass="1000" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunMacroLua" NameClass="/click QuestFrameCompleteButton" /> <QuestsSorted Action="Wait" NameClass="1500" /> <QuestsSorted Action="RunMacroLua" NameClass="/click QuestFrameCompleteQuestButton" />
  5. Just created him the wished custom profile.
  6. Hey, just message me in Discord ( Runaro#6817 ) and i gonna take a look over your issue and hopefully can solve it.
  7. It doesn't renew automatically, you will only get a notification, that your license gonna expire.
  8. Disable all WoW addons, since it can cause problems in vanilla with WRobot. Run WRobot as administrator and don't try to let World of Warcraft run in the background, since it's not supported in the trial version. ( use window mode in World of Warcraft and keep it in foreground ) If nothing helps, then try it with a clean WRobot installation again.
  9. The trial key is only use able for a short amount of time, like for 15-20 minutes.
  10. Prioritize lowest health %, but if a tank is low too, prioritize him first. ( if there are multiple tanks, then prioritize the lowest one ) Every tank will have different healing settings. ( spells and % ) Check threat, so if a tank loses his aggro for X milliseconds, you can set a focus heal on the non tank player with the highest threat. ( shield, bubble, barkskin, quick heal etc. ) Pre hots and shields, if there are encounters of a boss, which will give players a decent amount of damage. ( debuffs, or a cast of the boss ) Check debuffs of all players and if you can dispell it. ( prioritize tank ofc. and avoid overheal, if there's a 100% healing reduced debuff, which can't get removed by overheal ) At some boss encounters, a certain healer will have to use his cooldown, which will get choosed before. ( example: At the 5th charge of the boss i have to use tranquility ) Different settings and spells at high and low mana %. Possibility of only healing certain groups and players, in a raid. ( if they're not alive anymore, switch to the other groups )
  11. Ah, ye.. I noticed this problem too, my bad for the misunderstanding. @Droidz Would be a great option, so we can choose for every single account, a different WoW.exe in the relogger.
  12. Why for every bot a single World of Warcraft folder? Just copy and paste the Wow.exe and rename it in the World of Warcraft folder for every bot.
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