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  1. @Droidz He tried blacklisting the area but it didn't work. I had him send me the profile and I am going to review it but the most likely is the jump mistake. Never jump when making a profile.
  2. Can you PM the profile so I can test and review please? Alternatively you can remake profile or reinstall application but I don't know that either of those would help, just standard diagnostic steps. If you share profile I can test on my end and replicate issue. -Spooge
  3. Yea...you guys might wanna remove those images before blizz bans the dickens out of you. :(
  4. Don't send gold in the mail. Highly suspect activity. You should create a guild and pool in there. Keep some gold spread across accounts if you like but keep most in gbank.
  5. Check out this video. I have not actually attempted any dungeon creation yet but I assume it is similar regardless of expac.
  6. Your setup sounds really great and the only thing I would change is the same as what others have said. 1 x account for guild 1 x account for AH - multiple toons 8 x ACCOUNTS or (however many you can afford) for botting. The more you spread the bots out, the less likely they are to all get banned at once. Takes a larger investment up front but blizz tracks account play time, not character so if your 8 toons on 1 account are playing 24/7 thats suspect. But if 8 toons only play 2 hrs but ALL of them running 24/7 you will be much less likely to take a ban on any of them unless
  7. Demon, very glad you like it and it is A LOT like Glider. I was a heavy glider back in the day until the Banwave of '08 lol. or '07 whatever it was haha. Even after I still used it. I logged into an old account that I recovered recently and it was still in Nagrand with loads of stuff in bags from when he was gliding and was banned lol. This bot is great and the community is pretty active. The bigger we get, the more likely we are to fall though. :(
  8. Please match game language not bot language. If your game is running in a different language than english, use that.
  9. The reason he says that, is that it doesn't hurt anything if it happens occasionally. 1/10+ bot sessions is fine. If you are getting it in every session let us know.
  10. "Because it is being used by another process." Try restarting the computer and try again. Please report back if you still are experiencing issues. ROUGH French translation: Parce qu'il est utilisé par un autre processus. Essayez de redémarrer l'ordinateur et réessayez. S'il vous plaît rapport si vous rencontrez toujours des problèmes.
  11. I understand what you are saying Demondog and I can't speak for Droidz, but where the bot currently is at is a REALLY great place. We are a little under Blizz's radar and kind of in the back of their mind. This means fewer bans and less effort on their part to detect us. I think the bigger we get and more all inclusive the more they will work to shut us down. Droidz has been operational now for a LOT of years with this mentality and I think it's perfect. I don't mind hand leveling/questing/dungeons then using the bot for very specific money making purposes. The toons then seem more real and le
  12. There are a litany of free profiles for horde and alliance. Check here -Spooge
  13. This has been an issue since Cata :) Hopefully Droidz will chime in here
  14. Там нет русский перевод программы. Пожалуйста, разместите профили в папке «Профили» и бороться классы в папках "FightClass". -Spooge
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