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  1. Derpaherpa

    Vanilla Dungeon Profiles

    Has anyone tried setting up for dungeons as a party on vanilla wow?
  2. Hi, I looking for some help/guidance on how I would approach creating a profile for a dungeon in vanilla wow(private server). What product would be best used? Quester? Grinder profile with hotspots? I would be doing this as a party and my first profile in WC(Wailing Caverns). I have my own private server for testing so and help or guidance as to where I would begin would be greatly appreciated! Seems to be a very new thing on this forum, and finding educational material for me as a new member is starting to become a bit overwhelming. As guessing is really not going to get me anywhere. I have had a look at this; However that seems it heavily relies on the the objective tracker which doesn't exist on vanilla wow. Or is their a way to do whats displayed in this video and it be applied to vanilla wow aswell? As I said before any help will be greatly appreciated. P.S. Wasn't quite sure whether to put this thread here in general assistance or under Vanilla Wow Private server. Moderators move if necessary, thanks in advance.
  3. Would this article be of any help? https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/2971005/error-message-when-you-compile-applications-to-target-the-.net-framework-4.5.2 It's more of an explanation I believe for the layman to help identify the problem. Maybe a .dll is missing from the directory? I reference to my question above. I have found a thread that claims to of found a fix/workaround; https://forums.xamarin.com/discussion/31112/new-project-out-of-the-box-so-to-speak-assembly-not-found-system-runtime 3rd post down by BradyChambers.4907