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[Playingnaked] Fast Guild Level25 Guide


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Hey guys yet again and other guide!

Before we get started download the following

- SGI Addon  - Can be found HERE
- Winrar - Can be found HERE
- Undetected Auto Clicker  - Download WK_Crafter_v1.zip

  1. Instal SGI Addon via curse client or manually
  2. Extract Auto clicker
  3. Run WoW
  4. Logging on the toon your about to Mass invite people
  5. On the minimap you should now have an SGI icon click on it
  6. Customize Whisper, example; "Hey PLAYER, Interested in a PvP/PVE Social guild? Then NAME LEVEL has is for you!  Please ignore this msg if not, Thanks and GL!"
  7. Make sure it looks like this -> eqwao1.png

  8. Click on super scan                                                                                2mcyphg.png

  9. Once you should get a box on the right corner of your screen like so 2ko9br.png
  10. Launch the Auto click you downloaded earlier
  11. Place the Mouse on the INVITE button
  12. Press F1 and go have a pizza.

It took me 1week to get a guild to level 25 doing this.
This is a good way also to make gold either by selling the guild which prices go around 70-120k gold
Or keep it for yourself.

You can always bot while your auto clicker is running and inviting people.
But of course you will not be able to alt tab unless Droidz comes up with something to implant such thing in the bot with having to relay on the auto click but just the bot itself.

Please leave feedback here so that I know theirs at least people benefiting from my guides and for me make more in the future on daily bases.


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