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Ancient Mana ?


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Hey Community,
first off all my English isn't that good, but i'll try to explain.
is it Possible to make the Bot Gather/harvest the Ancient Mana stones.. But not the small one the Bigger ones who drop these stones wich you can sell ?
I added the name in German to the Advanced Settings for harvest , The bot runs to the Ancient Stone but doesn't loot them .. So did  i make something wrong or should instead of the Name the Id put in the Advanced settings ?
And where to find the ID of Ancient Mana stones ?

Greetings ~

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Hey MuhKuh,

please go to the "General settings Tab"
Then Bottem right "Enter adcanced settings..."
Now go to the "looting and Farming options"

Scroll down to "Harvest objects (one name or id by line) (case sensitive):
and add the Mana ids in there line by line:

For the 100 and 50 manas its:



Save and close and enjoy :)

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