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Relogger - Does it not repeat steps until stopped?


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I setup my relogger like this:

Run (Quester) 5 minutes - This quester just does hearthstone

Run (Gatherer) 100-120 minutes - Main gather bot

Wait 45-60 [X] Close WoW - Waits for 45-60 and closes WoW


After the 45-60 minute wait, I expected the relogger to start over at the beginning again, log me back in, run my hearthstone quester, then switch to the gatherer for 100-120 minutes, then wait for 45-60 again before repeating again, and again, and again.


Is this not how relogger works? I was looking for a way to automate my bot logging in and out multiple times and running the same routine over and over. What am I doing wrong?

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