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New wrobot update


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What the hell happened in this new update? Now I keep getting 'wow must be started in windowed mode' even though it is in windowed mode... It was working great just before I updated wrobot. It says keyboard access problem, enable UseLuaToMove option but thats already enabled in advanced setting. Any ideas?


09:35:45 - [Memory] Select game process: 9628 - Ple...
09:35:46 - [Automaton] Loaded
09:35:46 - [SpellManager] Initializing SpellBook - (Wait few seconds)
09:35:46 - [SpellManager] Initialize SpellBook Finished (1 spell found)
09:35:46 - [SpellManager] Please wait, loading spellbook...
09:35:46 - [SpellManager] Spellbook loaded.
[E] 09:35:46 - Keyboard access problem, activate option UseLuaToMove.

09:35:51 - [Automaton] Stopped
09:35:52 - [Automaton] Stopped
09:35:52 - [Automaton] Closed
09:35:52 - [BG] Loaded
09:35:52 - [FightClass] No Fight Class selected
09:35:52 - [BG] Started
09:36:07 - [BG] Stopped


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