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[REQ] Profile for Ashes of Al'ar


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does anyone have a profile to get this cool mount  http://www.wowhead.com/item=32458/ashes-of-alar ?

I tried, but am familiar only with grinding profiles, which are easy enough to setup. I would appreceiate a questing profile. Actually rather simple :


1. Fly to entrance of The Eye at hellfire peninsula, nether storm : http://www.wowhead.com/the-eye

2. Enter instance. Run directly to final Boss Sunstrider http://www.wowhead.com/npc=19622/kaelthas-sunstrider and kill him. No need to kill thrash. The annoying part is that the fight has two longer pauses, where the Boss is talking and taking his time....

3. Exit and port to Dalaran


It is very easy and I am doing it once a week with five characters, since the mount is really sweet. The downside is, that the manual travelling and running through his location takes about 10 minutes and I rather let the bot do it. Maybe someone can help or share his quest profile for this.


Have a nice day

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Thanks for the offer camelot, but in this case I guess it won't be worth it. I got a grinding profile that runs through the dungeon, but just have to taker over when the fight starts, because of the stupid breaks ...


I just figured, since it is one of the coolest mounts somebody did a profile. It might be worth to add to your market for a few bucks though.

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Agreed, I also paid for the World Quest and giving the content covered, 15 EUR is a fair price. However, what I am looking for is way simpler, like one quest. Get there, get in, kill boss, loot, back.  Therefore I would maybe pay a buck or two, but not more. Would make sense only if many people buy it.

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Finally at the 20th run the mount dropped...I guess that is till lucky.


I still think it is the best possible drop mount in WoW ! I can only imagine, there is a lot of interest for some (paid) profiles for this and other mounts, since people will start collecting mounts again until next big addon sometime in 2018....

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