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[REQUEST] Add mob to kill on sight list

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I was wondering if it was possible to add a certain mob to a kill on sight list? Because I wanted to make a profile that runs around in circles gathering and mining shit near the spawn of a rare for a mount, and when it sees that mount, kill it immediately and loot it. Otherwise, do combat like normal, such as ignore mobs if they don't attack you, don't loot mobs, etc. Basically it should override the don't loot mobs settings.


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On 4/19/2017 at 5:29 AM, KnightRyder said:

Make a grinding profile, but only put the rare mob in. Turn on mining/herbing and only attack if attacked and done.

See the thing is, because I want it to attack right when it sees the rare, like fire a ranged attack to get a tag on it so it can loot it. Is that possible?



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1 hour ago, molotox said:

Open the files in notepad and copy the <Vectors3> portion I think.

Yep, That's similar to what I did. I just opened it in Notepad ++ and made the formatting similar to a copy of an example profile. If a tool doesn't already exist, I might end up making a python script to automate it and release it here, assuming that's allowed, and there's enough demand for it.

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