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Frost Death Knight

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Has anyone figured out how to make a class pool their resources during their rotation? I am trying to figure out how to make a Frost DK Pool up their runes and max out their rune power. Once maxed out Pop all their CD's and then restart the pooling process to maximize DPS out put. Everything I have tried has not even come close and or even worked. I am still learning the basics of C Sharp so Im sure this would be an issue for me when I started this project. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Well what Im trying to ask is how would I tell the bot to not cast any spell till all Runes are off Cool Down, and before this only cast said spell to generate Maximum Rune Power before casting a Major Cool Down, to then begin using or there cool downs to maximize the use of these runes and rune power? If I can get the beginning Code for this I can play with it and make it work for all classes. And we could add it as a condition in the fightclass editor hopefully. Which would be awesome I think.

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