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[Rogue] Auto-Attack while Stealth ; How to desactivate AA ?


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I starting to make a fightclass for my rogue.

What it should do :

Stealth : OK


Pick Pocket : ok at 40% --> Cast Pick Pocket as soon as target is in range(instant) but in game it returns "Out of Range" (And u recast manually it works even without moving)

Cheap Shot when energy is at 100

But the problem is that the bot auto attack even in Stealth mode resulting in no casting Cheap Shot.

How to desactivate the auto attack before im in Combat ?

PS : In WoW Settings, Combat,  Stop Auto-Attack is ON, Auto Self Cast too, everything else is OFF




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make sure the spell have a condition that says to cast only if in combat. And any move you want the bot to do while stealth the make sure the condition  is in place for the stealth buff. In advanced options there is a setting that allows the bot to skip moves in the rotation make sure this is not enabled. I cant remember exactly were the option is but there is another option that allow the bot to attack before being attacked. Make sure to disable this option so the bot doesnt start combat if enemy is near.

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