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[Request] Plugin Convert -> HB Herbalism Tweaks


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can anyone convert the HB plugin "Herbalism Tweaks" for Wrobot? the plugin should check if youre in combat after gathering a herb/ore and if yes -> check if the Fox is present, leystone/felslate basilisks, those nightmare creepers and withered hungerers. If yes -> go into combat with them, if no just continue. If youre using druid flight form or the the skygolem you'll loose those drops and your nphc counter is way lower. In my attachment you can find the hb plugin. And if ist not much work, it would be good to put an autoaccept mode into it to accept those Level 3 Mining quests. Its just a NPC showing up and offering a quest.


I would donate 5€ for you via PayPal, if you dont want Money I would share my private flying profile with the coder including updates. thanks



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