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Relogger questions


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Ive watched those 2 things now, but quite didnt helped. 

Ive filled in my info correctly it seems, yet im still getting home to "disconnected" screen after work.


This is the last few lines from the log : 

10:47:19 - [Farming] Farm successful
[N] 10:47:19 - [Path-Finding] FindPath from 3804,359 ; 2099,425 ; 278,1085 ; "None" to 3843,62 ; 2128,119 ; 273,37 ; "None" (Troll Raid)
[N] 10:47:19 - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 4 (55,00504y)
10:48:37 - [Gatherer] Stopped
10:48:38 - [Gatherer] Stopped
10:48:38 - [Gatherer] Closed

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