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World Quest Group Maker Addon


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Has anyone been working on adding this functionality, or the ability to use the addon, to their profiles?  Seems like it could really come in handy in Legion as no one really works as a party just they are all of doing there own stuff and you all get credit.

Would be awesome for the Invasions as well...

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Just now, Kalos72 said:

Yes thanks, saw that one.  But this is for making groups while doing world and invasions quests.  Not sure its the same thing...

Oh I see. So is the goal with World Quest Group Maker Addon to complete quests as a group?

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1 minute ago, Kalos72 said:

Yep, it searches for other player that are trying to do the quests andd just auto makes groups from others with the addon.

I would be interested in making this, if you'd be interested in testing it :). 

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