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[Rogue] Slow Cheap Shot

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I recently made my own fightclass for rogue but I am struggling with Cheap Shot. Half the time, when my rogue is approaching mobs from the front, he gets hit before actually Cheap Shoting. I tried with Shadowstep also. Sometimes after Shadowstep mob hits me before Cheap Shot lands. I Checked it in combat log, after Shadowstep there is a mob attack that usually misses.

I tried reproducing the above cases manualy and I succeeded, so I assume if i can do it, bot also should be able. Is there a way to fix it? Possibly by forcing bot to spam Cheap Shot near the target in 1st example and a macro that would click Cheap Shot instantly after Shadowstep in 2d example? How should it look like in wrotation, assuming Shadowstep is 30 sec cd and I want the bot to always Cheap Shot mob, even when striking from melee range.


Other question I have, not related to the topic: How can i make the bot "tag" nearby mobs while being in combat with one. Scenario: I am fighting with 1 mob but it was linked with 2 others. How can i tag those two mobs (to prevent other players from stealing them) without losing combo points on my main target (with Blade Furry on cooldown)?


I am playing on 2.4.3 and using only default fightclass editor. I will be grateful for any suggestions.


Edit: I actually double checked and sometimes my rogue just melee swings mob in stealth. Especially after Shadowstep. Is there a way to avoid this? I have read all the topics on the forum. The problem is that the bot right clicks on the mob to get to him and it automatically makes him break stealth with white hit. Will be grateful even more for any suggestions!

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