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Trying to Create interact with NPC


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I am trying to cut off the end of a dungeon quester profile and make it exit the dungeon (Vortex Pinnacle) and interact with NPC after 60 minutes since I don't want to leave the platform because bot won't be able to reenter the dungeon if it leaves on it's own. I get this error heres my log I been trying to get it to interact with the NPC but it won't even leave the dungeon I barely entered the dungeon then tried to cut off the vector points of the dungeon profile to make it exit like it does when normally running the profile but I can't find the exit point of the profile either. Maybe this error will tell you what I'm doing incorrect. I am triyng to get it to cast the mount spell by using Usespellon Quest and Cast spell but it won't even mount.

26 Oct 2017 22H19.log.html

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