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Your bot is broken


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In the past 3 weeks its farmed 3-5 hours out of a 14 hour farm because wrobot crashed and gave a windows error with a button to close the program for wrobot. I used memory clean and now memory clean is bugged when it freezes on the reload and the loading bar will never move past 20% when it /reloads and Every time wrobot.exe is running and theres a DC it used the relogger tab under general settings to log back in but the loading freezes once again at around 20% and will not load no matter what. Everytime I wake up its at the login screen selecting the WOW account WOW1 or WOW2. When I've watched it, it gets stuck for up to a hour then if I close wrobot.exe it immediately loads in or tries to depending on how long it been, if its been over 20 minutes it will be back at the world of Warcraft main login screen and say disconnected. I usually botted 14 hours a night sometimes 3-5 hours in addition during the day now I've been limited to 3-5 hours through the day and unable to play any other games in fear of being banned on main accounts. Its hardly worth anything to bot now and when I watch it if I disconnect for some reason it will be stuck forever until you close Wrobot.exe then it'll load immediately. In the past hour I closed and reopened wrobot after loading in 4 times in the past hour due to disconnects. Relogger isn't working at all either it gets stuck at loading screen idk if there's something new in the updated bot versions that are interfering with communications to the servers or if blizzard implemented a security to prevent bots from reclogging.

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there is some truth in your text ... relogger has new problems and i get also the 20% stuck screen ... and my computer is super overloaded, but in the taskmanger i dont even hit 30% cpu usage ... so yeah there is a bug :D hope it will be fixed :) but i like the bot :D

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