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Foxflower Chaser Plugin


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So is there a foxflower chaser plugin that actually works? I've searched the thread and downloaded the ones I could find and nothing seems to work properly. The best one so far seems to target the foxflower that spawns from the fox but only gets in herbing range and doesn't actually walk over the nodes. It does manage to gather a couple of them but it will not resume until all foxflower are picked up in which case you have to manually gather the foxflower when the fox spawns. Anyone know of a fix or plugin that works properly? I have attached the plugin that I've described, maybe just some tweaking to get it working properly. Many thanks!


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Would really love some one to be a champ and help sort this as well. I have tried and failed on numerous occasions to do it myself but I just can't figure it out. Help would be appreciated! Its pretty upsetting watching 1000s of extra gold per hour going to waste.

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