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C# Question


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What I have..

    internal void CastSpell(Spell Spell, int shards, int playerHP, int targetHP)

if ((Spell.KnownSpell && Spell.IsSpellUsable && Spell.IsDistanceGood) && (ObjectManager.Me.SoulShards > shards) && (ObjectManager.Me.HealthPercent <= playerHP && ObjectManager.Target.HealthPercent <= targetHP))
            Logging.Write("Doing Stuff.. " + Spell.Name);


What I want to do... (left blank areas between , for reference)

        CastSpell(Agony, 3);

        CastSpell(Siphon, , 30, 20);

        CastSpell(Reap, 3);

        CastSpell(DrainSoul,  , 30, 15);

 Some spells require knowing how many shards I have, so not, same with player and target HP.

How would I go about making this work without having to input a value for each?


Note: This works for all 4 variables(to be expanded on later), but I want it where I only have to input what is necessary. I feel this is something I should already know, but it seems to be eluding me.


Any suggestions or recommendations? 

I'f i'm going down the wrong path, please let me know. 

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