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[Solved] Sell items only if have more than


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Is there a way to setup the both so it won't try to sell items if it doesn't have enough money? Mine gets stuck right now trying to sell without enough money.

EDIT* A way for the bot to know its bags are full and will not return the the mail box until it has sold everything or made more room. It would also wait until something sold and go get its money to post more auctions, etc. 

EDIT** Maybe a way for set up thresholds so the once the both has made X amount of money it will change the Buy item only have this much money to a new number. If the bot was setup with a 1g threshold once it has made X amount of money that threshold would change to 5g and so fourth. So you can build up a bank, etc. 

I am running into the  problem the bot spends all its money down to 1g and when it post it can't post everything because it doesn't have enough money, etc. 


EDIT*** Having issues with the bot not being able to post some items. It says it cannot select the item. Not sure the actual verbiage. Until the item I manually moves from one slot to another or the bot is completely closed out and starred over. Ideas? I don't run want add-ons with the bot.

EDIT**** Said fuck it

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