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Creating a profile for an autocomplete quest


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Hi, I am trying to create a profile for


It involves taking a quest from an NPC then right clicking the object to deliver and take the items. This is the object:


I have created the quest. I left the type at None. Then, on the NPC giver window I created the NPC for the quest started and got the data from the selected NPC. Then, added the quest as quest pickup. Then, created the object as NPC and set the NPC as object. Then, added the quest id to the give in. Then on the order, I created Take Quest and my quest, pulse, deliver quest and started the profile. I tried it with and without the pulse. I take the quest no problem but it just stands there and does nothing. Also, when I tried to start the quest from the object area it hit the walls for a while even though I have the meshes. What can I do to fix my issues? Thanks.

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