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Druid Restoration


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Hi all,

I already answer help on french forum and on subject fightclass that I buy, but maybe you can help me.

I buy Druid restoration.

I have a problem, I configure bot like "createby" say in the pack, but when I send bot on Wrotation, the game jerk alot AND only one spell work, efflorescence...

I launch WoW 32 bit, I have client french, I try with client english, same problem...

But it's crazy because I buy fightclass Shadow Priest too, and I don't have problem with this, it work very well ! :-)

I need maybe use LIU interface ?

I don't want buy for nothing, can you answer me, thank you. :-)

Best regards, Fatbat

PS:  Look this problem in french if you want => 

Sorry for my bad english, say me if you want more information.

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