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timeless isle


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using the timeless isle grind.xml which  i downloaded frm the website, was happily grinding on mobs (as u do)........until a alli hunter on a tundra mount went past he wasn't flagged for PVP but for some strange reason it targeted the npc on its back....here is some of the log...any suggestions ?


14:35:06 - Player Attack Spectral Mistweaver (lvl 90)
[F] 14:35:06 - Cast Curse of the Elements (Curse of the Elements)
[F] 14:35:07 - Cast Curse of the Elements (Curse of the Elements)
[F] 14:35:09 - Cast Corruption (Corruption)
[F] 14:35:10 - Cast Shadow Bolt (Shadow Bolt)
[F] 14:35:12 - Cast Shadow Bolt (Shadow Bolt)
[F] 14:35:14 - Cast Chaos Bolt (Chaos Bolt)
14:35:16 - Loot Spectral Mistweaver
[N] 14:35:16 - Path Count: 3
14:35:17 - Player attack before being attacked by Gnimo (lvl 80)<----------------------| 
[F] 14:35:17 - Cast Curse of the Elements (Curse of the Elements)
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There is an item that drops on the isle that can summon the Npc http://www.wowhead.com/item=104334

Since he is non friendly, he will be attacked. You can blacklist the Spectral Mistweaver, ID 73025


EDIT: My bad, I just realized you meant Gnimo and not the Mistweaver, lol. Anyways, you can blacklist Gnimo, his ID is 32639.

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