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Starting tutioral - please help


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I am going to start using this bot tomorrow - i am basicly new to this stuff. Did another copy of wow, fresh instalation to bot on account.

Installed Virtual machine, will config it tomorrow, - i have read about VPS, public is stupid - so where to get a VPN for self only? also how to swtich IP with 1 computer and many accounts

please write anything i should do before start to be safe


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Hey, thanks for the answer! :) 

I would love to chat on skype, I would greatly appreciate it. I have read every tutioral yesterday on this forum, so i think i know the theory, just want a advance member tips and to be sure i do everything correct :) Sending you on PM my skype nick, please contact me whenever you got time. I live in EU, so i went sleep yesterday.

Ye i know, dont use anything public to be safe:P


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