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quester is not working


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Hello im sorry to bother u once again but i just set up everything thanks to u ! i downloaded everything and im in highmountain i did 2 chapters already without the bot, anyways when i start the bot it doesnt start and when it does start its for 1s and it doesnt do anything so i went to the in game tab and it says quester failed to start, Thanks so much and im sorry for disturbing u.

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Hello :)

Often questers fail to start if you start to use WRobot for questing after having already done a number of quests in the zone. That's why a lot of leveling questers say to start a new/fresh character with them so it can follow the Quest progress. What version of the game are you trying to use the Quester on, and have you tried a different profile to see if the Questing profile you are using might be having an issue?

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