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Is there a way for bot to open [Plump Intestines]?


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hey nonstop1005, thx for the reply.

I created the macro ingame and putted it on a position '1' in action bar like you said. Also I activated 'macro 1' in my macros (general settings) and added '1' under 'press key', everything else I left by default.

I am watching my char now grinding and I see he already has couple of plump intestines in bags but he is not using macro to open it.

Am I missing something?

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If you mean the option 'Press all the x second', I left it on '60' by default.


I think other settings should be left as it is (i.e. use it out of combat - true, use it while mounted - false etc)

But I don't know, I guess i did something wrong if it works for everyone else..will play with it little longer and see if I can get it working.

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set your timer to 10 secs that way they wont build up on you

if you dont have any it will ignore it

also, try pushing the button manually and be sure it works

so will the macro thing working in "combat rotation" or it has right that above anything and it constantly  spam ever 10 sec regardlessly what i am doing?

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