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error during download, please verif link


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Good morning, I can not fix it ... I have removed the antivirus and the firewall but when I try to update it gives me this error ...
What could be the problem?


12:22:24 - Error during download, please verif link.
12:15:56 - error: System.Net.WebException: Anulada la solicitud: No se puede crear un canal seguro SSL/TLS.
   en System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile(Uri address, String fileName)
   en UpdateManager.UpdateManager.Ewohoemeok()

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8 hours ago, Mike-Mail said:

WRobot don't works? go here to repair it.



Good, I have done everything that comes in the repair / installation manual WRobot I have installed DirectX, Framework, SlimDX and Visual C + + 2010 I have stopped the firewall and the antivirus, the folder has permissions, the operating system I just installed it with what does not have viruses / malwares. I have also used the tool to reinstall the applications http://download.wrobot.eu/wrobot/others/WRobotRepairTools.exe

I have closed the teamviewer and I do not use any of the other applications ...

in another installation that had an .exe file with a random name like "QaNpTArr.exe" but now I do not have it ...

I delete the installation, I download it again I install it by downloading several installation packages, I close WRobot and when I give the update I get an error

"Error during dowload, please verify link."

20:45:04 - Update has finished.
20:45:04 - 0 file (s) need to be updated
20:45:04 - Check for updated files.
20:45:04 - Error during download, please check link.
20:44:07 - error: System.Net.WebException: Canceled the request: Unable to create a secure SSL / TLS channel.
   in System.Net.WebClient.DownloadFile (Uri address, String fileName)
   in UpdateManager.UpdateManager.Ewohoemeok ()
20:44:05 - 0 file (s) need to be updated
20:44:05 - Check for updated files.
20:44:05 - Product changed: WRobot for Offical Wow server

I have looked at the log and I do not see anything that catches my attention, although I am a noob in this topic .. I put it to you.


any ideas?


25 feb. 2018 20H37.log.html

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