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Vanilla Repeatable Quest, Looking for some help


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Ok,  I want to pickup quest ID (90002) at the NPC 80042

I would then pulse the mob id (650000) for 15 Kills.

Then turn in quest ID 90002 at the same NPC (80052).

Now I add gotostep 1.

Perfect, simple yes? Now i want it to repeat this quest over and over. However in the current vanilla bot if i give TRUE value to the repeatable quest it doesn't help.

As vanilla bot logs the quest ID as completed. So how can I make the profile pickup the quest ID even though its already completed in the Finished Quest ID log without manually deleting the Quest ID log myself.


Any help would be appreciated, The quest is also located as the second quest down on the NPC so if I could get it to mouse click? if that's a thing? 

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Found a fix! Took me a few hours but i got there, Basically for some odd reason the return to step 1 wasn't working. So instead I created a duplicate profile and called it v2. Then as one of the order processes I added loadprofile v2.xml


And bingo, it repeats the quest forever and ever!

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12 hours ago, Mike-Mail said:

Can you upload the profile so i can look at it?



Here you are - Test v2.0.xml

I changed it slightly so it just reloads the same profile, worked aswell. Pretty much the same as gotostep1. But actually works on vanilla repeatable / private server quests.

Remember the profile needs to be in Quester directory, or if you put it in another folder remember to make the directory path for it in the loadprofile config.

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