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Cast/Recast multiple times (Vanilla WoW)

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Hey all!

First off I just want to say, this bot is awesome :biggrin:

Two issues:

(WoW 1.12)

1. I'm using it to fish in small increments (30-60mins) here and there, nothing crazy. Today I got whispered by a GM asking me why I keep casting twice. Luckily I don't bot AFK so I was quick to turn off the bot and respond. But now I'm noticing that the bot is in fact looting a catch, casting and then recasting which looks super suspicious. I tried to add to "wait time after loot" but that seemingly does nothing. Two bobbers appear on screen (old one hasn't faded yet) when this occurs... but this issue also doesn't always happen when this is the case.

2. The bot will click the bobber without any fish being hooked. I've seen it do this in succession (2-3 times in a row) or once in awhile, makes no sense to me.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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