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Target pet when moving towards him


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I'm trying to write custom plugin that will target a battle pet way before bot reaches it (due to Rematch addon pet swap).

TIMESTAMP - [FightPetBattle] Player XXX (lvl 1)
[N] TIMESTAMP - [Path-Finding] GetZPosition: YYY
[N] TIMESTAMP - [Path-Finding] GetZPosition result: Z
[N] TIMESTAMP - [Path-Finding] FindPath from YYY to ZZZ
[N] TIMESTAMP - [Path-Finding] Path Count: 2 (49,30226y)

Sadly there is no event that I'm aware of that I can use to get target to which path is being generated, nor retrieve a target to whom I'm trying to generate path when using event "wManager.Events.OthersEvents.OnPathFinderFindPath/OnPathFinderFindPathResult".

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I have managed to workaround this:


wManager.Events.OthersEvents.OnPathFinderFindPathResult += RematcherEventHandler;

private void RematcherEventHandler(Vector3 @from, Vector3 to, List<Vector3> path, string continentnamempq, bool resultsuccess)
    // Put some checks as you want them to avoid too many checks.
    var nearbyPet = ObjectManager.GetNearestWoWUnit(ObjectManager.GetWoWUnitWildPets(), to);

    if (nearbyPet != null && ObjectManager.Target.Guid != nearbyPet.Guid)
        Logging.Write("[Rematcher] Changing target: " + nearbyPet.Name);
        Lua.LuaDoString("local rematch = Rematch; rematch: LoadTeam(\"" + nearbyPet.Name + "\")");

Not ideal when 2 different as in same spot and are moving, but does the trick.

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