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Quester keeps taking me somewhere past burrning steppes.

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Title says it all...

I am using this quester: [TRULY][ALLY](2.0) 1-70 by Maylu.xml

I am having an issue that no one else seems to be having with the quester, leading me to believe that my problems are occurring because of something else.

ever since i began the Wrobot in Northshire like the quester told me to, it has tried taking me somewhere in the direction of Burning Steppes, even though the next step in the pathing is to grind mobs in Westfall.

the bot seems to refresh it self every time i stop it and restart it, and it will start heading to the correct location and working for a moment, and after maybe 5-10 minutes of doing what it is supposed to do, it just takes off back to burning steppes.


Any help is appreciated as this is frustrating me beyond belief.

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So far i've tried something new. It may have been he was trying to run and train spells in iron forge, but seeing as Train Spells and Do not use Flightpaths was active, he was taking the long way.

If this keeps working i will just stop updating here

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