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Fishing bot acts like it is drunk as fuck....


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So I've been using WRobot for quite a while and as I am typing this I have I have caught around 119k fish ( https://gyazo.com/a51554648c07e788afbf25c23d8d8d5d )...

I have noticed that the bot skip a lot... Like a ton... I have never been questioned by any gm or similar but other players passing by find it weird why I cast Fishing multiple times and it doesn't require an Elon Musk top figure out why... I've changed Latency settings, redownload the bot for a new fresh start, redownloaded WoW for the same reason, turned most settings on/off or to different values, made my own fishing bot profile etc but nothing happens it still keep skipping like it has had 6 liters of Vodka... There are lots of other bots out there which doesn't have this issue so it can't be that hard to fix I assume??? It's closing in to 1 year since I payed so I'll have to pay again to keep using it but with this issue I might as well get another bot that actually WORKS... Devs, there are many posts like this one already but can you please fix this shit? We, your customers payed for this so at least it is suppose to work properly and secound I assume you guys want us to speak good about your product if someone asks, right? Atm all I can say is, if you want a fishing bot don't WRobot because it is has serious alcohol issues...


Please fix this. :)

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